Dear Mel,
Firstly you are an inspiration to me. Your skill level and your achievements are absolutely fantastic.
It would be an honour to call you my friend, and I sincerely hope that this occurs in the years to come.
You, your family and your wonderful dog Indy are always welcome to our house and I hope you take up the offer as many times as possible.
You are an excellent trainer, I know, I travel the world and you are the best of the best as is your dog. He is the BEST MAL I HAVE EVER SEEN and Mel I have seen heaps. You have a great dog and you are so successful, so keep winning, keep going forward, and I will do everything I can to help you in every way possible.
I am very interested in setting up a sporting dog club in Cairns so let me know if I can help.

Warm Regards

Steve Austin

Canine Training & Behaviour

There was obviously a special rapport between this wonderful high drive dog who was fortunate enough to have an insightful training partner – a terrific combination. I do remember thinking when I first saw Indy working with Mel that he was just the kind of handful needed in a dog to succeed at the highest level. I know he’ll continue to succeed at UD and beyond – he was made for obedience trialling and Mel is a wonderful dog trainer.

Kesley Court

Senior Judge

Huge congratulations to Mel and her Malinois, Indy for their outstanding achievement in obedience in 2013. Not only did Mel win the ‘Golden Dumbell’ for posting 6 scores over 190 in Open Obedience, in the process they also gained the ‘Vikings Muzzle Queenslands Open Obedience Dog of the Year” award, a first for a handler from Far North Queensland. Mel and Indy have now been invited to compete at the National Obedience Championships. Well done to a great team and watch out for Mel’s performances in 2014

Cairns City Kennel Club

I don’t know how she did it but after just 2 sessions with Mel our dog is a totally different character. amazing stuff

B Gartner