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Vanguard training services are committed to giving you the very best advice, tools and training to ensure that you reach your goals, whether you are seeking a well behaved and good mannered pet, or you would like to trial your dog in the obedience ring, or dog sports or tracking.  Contact me to arrange a personal one-on-one training session designed exclusively for you.

I have met many K9 trainers both here and world wide, I have spoken with them and trained with them. Without question Mel Henley is one of the very best that I have worked with over the last 25 years. I had the pleasure training her as a AQIS handler for the Australian Government and not only did she top her class she set a bench mark that was never beaten. Mel has a clear and concise knowledge of the science of K9 training and also a natural gift that cannot be taught. She is calm and quiet and when I watch her train I learn so much, she is a inspiration to me and has changed the way I train my own dogs. Mel Henley talks the talk and most importantly walks the walk and what is more exciting she is only going to get BETTER.  (See more testimonials)

Steve Austin

Canine Training & Behaviour Specialist - www.steveaustindogtrainer.com

Crate Training

Crate training uses a dog’s natural instincts as a den animal. A wild dog’s den is his home, a place to sleep, hide from danger.


There are a number of different levels when it comes to obedience training from CCD all the way through to Grand Champion.

Puppy Training

The most important time in a puppy’s development is during the first year, especially during the first 4 months of life.


Tracking can be a rewarding and fun thing for both owner and dog.  It’s a self rewarding exercise for the dog.

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I actually wanted to post this photo with my review to show just how easy it is for me to now walk these guys with ease thanks to Mel. (There wasnt an option to add it with the review) Walk time is fun time again! 😃


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Miss the kids xxx

Massive win!!! Nice work!!!

Thank you Skye Perry. It has been a pleasure working with you and your amazing dogs. I am so happy with Koda's transformation. It is so much easier to get great results when I have great owners like you and John to work with.

This might not look very exciting but for me and Kodas owner and everyone else at todays Calm Dog class this was a total OMG moment! While practicing some real world behaviours, the big scary reactive South African Mastiff Koda just decided to lie down and chill out for a bit while other dogs worked around her. 
Results - one very happy owner!


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Yes very happy

Skye Perry

Awesome work with Miss Koda on all levels.

Love love love this!! She's a totally different dog. So thrilled with how far she's come! 😄😄

Awesome results

Awesome work

Awesome how good is that!!!!

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This is a friend of mine who is doing something proactive to help save dogs from the cruel pet meat trade. I will definitely be looking at the possibility of going over to help out for a bit if I can.


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Awww they are so beautiful. 😍 Your friend is doing great.

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A great 'Be Calm' group class for reactive dogs was held at the weekend ... See MoreSee Less

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